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The Rules

  1. You accept the terms of service:

You agree and continue to agree to be bound by the Terms of Service, by accessing this site.

  1.  You Understand I make Mistakes: (Warranty disclaimer)

You agree that not all information provided on the site may be accurate or up to date. You agree to do your own due diligence and that I will not be held responsible for any misinformation.

  1. You understand the website will change:

You agree to any modifications and revisions to the site’s content including additions, revisions, and discontinuations of text, products, services and the terms of service, without any notice to you.

  1. You agree with the 1st Amendment:

You agree that the artist maintains the right to express an opinion in writing and spoken (or sung) language as promised under the rights provided by the first amendment, even if those opinions result in personal offence to you.

  1. You understand that I can stop you from visiting the website

You agree that I can terminate your use of the site for any reason at any time especially if you break any of the rules.

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You agree that all of the content provided on the site is protected by copyright law, including images, text, branding and logos and will not be re-distributed or copied without the written permission of the owner.

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You agree to not test the website’s security in any form, or maliciously hamper website functionality and understand that any attempt to interfere with the security or functions of the website or violate the privacy of visitors can be followed up by law enforcement and possible action in a court of law. I will not be held liable for any malicious changes to the site made by any hacker.

  1. You are responsible for understanding the law in your area

When outside the U.S.A you are responsible with complying with the countries laws, in regards to the internet.

  1. You agree that I am not responsible for any damages

Buck Helton will not be held liable by you or any third party for any damages, incidental or indirect by use of this site’s content.

  1. You understand that the law of the United States can be superior to these terms

These terms will be construed by the governance of the United States, and if any part is not enforceable by a court then the remaining provisions will remain in effect.

  1. You agree that Just because I don’t enforce my rules doe not mean you are not responsible for following them

A failure to enforce these terms is not a waiver of those rights.


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